Bukola Saraki Deserves No Sympathy 


One might be tempted to feel a pangs of sympathy for Bukola Saraki for the humiliating defeat he suffered during the just concluded general election, but looking back to how he was given opportunity and squandered it due to his insatiable greed and lust for power, the sympathetic feeling will quickly fizzle out.

Saraki Deserves No Sympathy

No doubt, Bukola Saraki faced humiliating loss as he could not even muster enough vote to win just a seat in the state assembly, it is the worse election defeat ever in the history of the state.

I know it is surprising how the man that inherited the state political power from his late father and ruled for 16 years loss in a very disgraceful way but for those who know the nitty gritty of Kwara politics will agree with me that Bukola Saraki brought the disgrace upon himself.

While other political leaders are busy building and surrounding themselves with other leaders, Bukola Saraki was busy hobnobbing and building political sycophants who are "Yes men". Those who see, hear and listen only to what the leader says (Bukola Saraki) and the consequence manifested in the election.

Bukola Saraki had all it takes to rule Kwara for long but he overestimated his political power and underestimated that of the opposition. Saraki believed he was the only wise and smart man in the state and believed others are fools not until he was proven wrong by well wishers and smarter Kwara people.

I wonder why Saraki that controlled the state resources for 16 years could not build political leaders across the state that could have rescued him from the political embarrassment that befell him. Even the state governor could not hold grip of political power of his ward not to talk of his local government, that is too bad.

Bukola Saraki believed all must be revolving round him as the leader and no authority must prevail. There is no other political weight in Saraki political dynasty all of them are atom that just occupied space with no reasonable weight.

Bukola Saraki knowing fully well that Kwara state is a civil servants state as it's generally known and people depends so much on salaries, Saraki refused to pay Kwara civil servants especially those under local government. I know your defence is ' He is not the governor of the state' but the arrangement of how state workers are been paid is open secret.

I would have love to defend Saraki and sympathise with him on this day but thinking about how he dried the common wealth of my state will never let me.

He ruled for 16 years and was defeated like, "Iku topa Baba-Alawo bieni ti koni Ifa" it shows how useless he is. But nevertheless, It's a pity we are so desperate to prefer lesser devils but with time we shall get it right.

Those taking over should learn from Saraki's defeat and be ready to serve the good people of Kwara. No Champion forever.

To the Sarakites,  you are never losers ,majority of you are patriots like us and love the way you stood your ground for what you believe. Kwara is our home and supporting the government to move Kwara forward is our responsibility, let move on.

May God help us the truth to know.

Yahaya Habib writes for www.themedia.com.ng - The Media from Abuja