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'If you can't take risks, poverty will befriend you for long or forever'
What is NNU

👉🏻NNU means Nigeria New Update (It is a news platform).

👉🏻It is a secured website... i.e. https:// just like facebook, remita and other secured websites that don't spy or share your private information to third parties.

👉🏻They have products they sell; News - Just like Punch, The Nation, Sahara Reporters etc, Advertisers - They earn from advertisers (because they have huge numbers of registered members that can generate traffic for their advertisers).

👉🏻They also engage in other affiliate programs as the owner (Paul - A Tech Enthusiast) operates other online/information technology platform and earn legitimately.

👉🏻NNU pays you #2 for reading news, #100 for sharing daily sponsored post on Facebook, #1000 for any success referral (optional though) and pays you when you post on their platform (this has been discontinued for the moment).

👉🏻It may interest you to navigate through their website to find published information and details of their payroll for previous months (people they paid in previous months).

👉🏻When you reach the minimum payout of #5000 you can request for payment and it will be sent to your account details (Account Number, Account name & Bank Name that you provided on their website - they will never ask for your password and don't provide it).

In order to join, contact any of their trusted  coupon code seller whose details are punished on their website (e.g. Babatunde Dada on +2348122208387)

👉🏻After making your payment through him and gotten your coupon code,  visit To register and begin to earn.

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Usman Haruna