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With deep sense of belonging and utmost respect to reader of this article, I made up my mind to discuss the above subject matter to quench the thirst that has been for decades in the core of our psychological being. I want you to read the article with your five sense organs crystally clear of bias so as to get the most out of it.

Former US President Woodrow Wilson said : "If you want to make enemies, try to change something". For some reasons, many people don’t like change, and I believe it is often because they fear it. Many times, when we grow weary or simply become bored of a situation, we get restless and begin to pray : 'Oh, God! Something has to be changed!'. Then, when God eventually brings the change into our lives, we say, "Lord, what are you doing? I don’t think I can take this change!" We often find ourselves caught in the tension between wanting change and fearing it.

Thank God, He never changes, He is always the same, we can trust Him through any changing circumstances or situations which is mentioned unambiguously in both Qur’an and Bible. This should give us great courage and comfort when we face changes in our lives. We do not need to fear change, we can handle it, because God remains the same and he is always in control.

Normally, in life those who tend to progress usually rise above the fear of change and there are people who do not outwit this fear, those who become angry when others try to make progress, better themselves, or do something new and different.

Why would people become angry about your progress? Perhaps because people who don’t want to progress themselves do not want you to progress either. They will rather judge you than face the fact that they do not really want to make the effort necessary to improve their lives or pursue their dreams with the necessary tools that would help them become accomplished. Instead they prefer to become angry and act as if something is wrong with you who is doing the right thing. That way, they do not have consider the possibility that something may be wrong with them. It is called 'blame shifting', and people who do it do not want to look inwardly to find link between their actions and their situation because they cannot accept that they are the ones not making the right choices so they shift the focus to you and try to make it look like you are the one who is off the grid.

What if Abraham Lincoln had been afraid of change?! He would not have signed the emancipation proclamation and the horror of slavery would have continued in America. What if Orville Wilbur Wright had been afraid of change?! We would all be stuck with travelling on the ground or sailing over the water instead of flying through the skies. What if Thomas Edison had feared change? We would still be reading by candlelight after sundown.

I share this philosophy with you to inspire you to think about the many good changes that have made people’s lives better and easier through the years. I am sure you could make your own list of positive changes that have occurred in your life.

 Remember, the fear of change could  prevent uncountable wonderful things from taking place in your life. I therefore urge you to not let that happen, but to boldly embrace the positive changes that come your way.


I remain a strong believer that YES WE CAN overcome the fear of change in our lives, subsequently to harness the best out of us.


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