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Saraki Deserves No Sympathy by Yahya Habib

Bukola Saraki Deserves No Sympathy 


One might be tempted to feel a pangs of sympathy for Bukola Saraki for the humiliating defeat he suffered during the just concluded general election, but looking back to how he was given opportunity and squandered it due to his insatiable greed and lust for power, the sympathetic feeling will quickly fizzle out.

Saraki Deserves No Sympathy

No doubt, Bukola Saraki faced humiliating loss as he could not even muster enough vote to win just a seat in the state assembly, it is the worse election defeat ever in the history of the state.

I know it is surprising how the man that inherited the state political power from his late father and ruled for 16 years loss in a very disgraceful way but for those who know the nitty gritty of Kwara politics will agree with me that Bukola Saraki brought the disgrace upon himself.

While other political leaders are busy building and surrounding themselves with other leaders, Bukola Saraki was busy hobnobbing and building political sycophants who are "Yes men". Those who see, hear and listen only to what the leader says (Bukola Saraki) and the consequence manifested in the election.

Bukola Saraki had all it takes to rule Kwara for long but he overestimated his political power and underestimated that of the opposition. Saraki believed he was the only wise and smart man in the state and believed others are fools not until he was proven wrong by well wishers and smarter Kwara people.

I wonder why Saraki that controlled the state resources for 16 years could not build political leaders across the state that could have rescued him from the political embarrassment that befell him. Even the state governor could not hold grip of political power of his ward not to talk of his local government, that is too bad.

Bukola Saraki believed all must be revolving round him as the leader and no authority must prevail. There is no other political weight in Saraki political dynasty all of them are atom that just occupied space with no reasonable weight.

Bukola Saraki knowing fully well that Kwara state is a civil servants state as it's generally known and people depends so much on salaries, Saraki refused to pay Kwara civil servants especially those under local government. I know your defence is ' He is not the governor of the state' but the arrangement of how state workers are been paid is open secret.

I would have love to defend Saraki and sympathise with him on this day but thinking about how he dried the common wealth of my state will never let me.

He ruled for 16 years and was defeated like, "Iku topa Baba-Alawo bieni ti koni Ifa" it shows how useless he is. But nevertheless, It's a pity we are so desperate to prefer lesser devils but with time we shall get it right.

Those taking over should learn from Saraki's defeat and be ready to serve the good people of Kwara. No Champion forever.

To the Sarakites,  you are never losers ,majority of you are patriots like us and love the way you stood your ground for what you believe. Kwara is our home and supporting the government to move Kwara forward is our responsibility, let move on.

May God help us the truth to know.

Yahaya Habib writes for - The Media from Abuja
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A lot of times, couple get pissed off with each other by the way they respond to each other. We can do better if we learn responses in the affirmative and not in the combative. Let's  read the following:

1. Statement: Are you okay; is anything the matter?
- Wrong response: Can't you see yourself; what kind of question is that?
- Right response: I'm not feeling fine; I think I need some attention.

2. Statement: I got wounded in kitchen.
- Wrong response: I've told you to always be careful with knife.
- Right response: Oh sorry, let me have a look. Please be more careful with knife.

3. Statement: I'll like to eat corn flakes.
- Wrong response: No way! It's for the children; and that's for one month! Take garri if you are hungry.
- Right response: Okay, you can eat a little. I trust you'll give us money to buy another.

4. Statement: I'm really hungry.
- Wrong response: Even I myself have not eaten since morning.
- Right response: Oh sorry, let's see if there's something you can manage for now.

5. Statement: Why don't you do it this way?
- Wrong response: Why is it that you always find fault with what I do?
- Right response: Well, I've tried this before and I think it will work. If not, I'll try that.

6. Statement: I want more food.
- Wrong response: Ha-ha, it has finished. You want to finish all the food in the house?
- Right response: Sorry, please manage that for now. We are down on food stuff.

7. Statement: Handle that thing carefully please.
- Wrong response: Am I that daft? You will just be talking to me as if I don't have any sense.
- Right response: Yes dear, I will.

8. Statement: Haven't you finished what you are doing?
- Wrong response: You are seated there doing nothing and you are asking if I've not finished!
- Right response: It will still take a while; can you please lend me a hand?

9. Statement: I bought this on my way; I thought it will be useful.
- Wrong response: How much did you buy it? What! That's too expensive - wọ́n ti gbá ẹ!
- Right response: Thank you; it will indeed be useful. Thanks for the surprise.

10. Statement :Am feeling Horny today, I will like us to make love.
Wrong Response : Ha ha, is it food. Am tired ooo.
Right Response: Whaooo. Dear, for it to be mutual enjoyment, can you please wait till early in the morning. I'm so tired right now.

_A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

Please this is not for the purpose of condemnation, but for continuous improvement of our/their love relationship.
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2019 Elections And Disturbing Political Violence By Alabidun Shuaib Abdulrahman

Historically, Nigeria’s elections have always been tense. In few days, Nigerians will go to the polls to elect the country’s next president and members of National Assembly. And as the campaign gathers momentum, there are concerns the upcoming process will see new violence. Although I am neither a prophet of doom nor pro electoral violence to have predicted this but it must be stated we can't rule it out, considering the scores of political violence that have been witnessed in recent times.
On January 8, violence erupted during the inauguration of the campaign of the All Progressives Congress at the Sky Power Ground, Oba Akinjobi Road, Ikeja, Lagos, as factional political errands boys known as thugs invaded the venue in their daredevil - look and later disrupted the programme by engaging in a supremacy battle with one another. They wielded all sorts of dangerous weapons against one another the aftermath was several degrees of injury.
Many were reportedly shot, as some were hacked. Among those who reportedly sustained gunshot injuries during the clash were the Group Political Editor of The Nation, Emmanuel Oladesu; a correspondent with New Telegraph, Temitope Ogunbanke; and a cameraman with Ibile Television, Abiodun Yusuf and surprisingly, a leader of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, Musiliu Akinsanya, aka MC Oluomo, was also stabbed during the clash.
In a separate incident, a few days later, one person was killed and about 10 vehicles were destroyed during an attack on the convoy of the governorship candidate of the APC in Taraba State, Alhaji Sani Danladi. The incident occurred when Danladi, who was on a campaign tour of the Southern zone of the state was on his way to Ibi Local Government Area and his convoy ran into some youths who barricaded the Ibi roundabout area of Wukari.
Also, in another scenario, it was reported around January that two persons were injured and many properties worth millions of naira were destroyed in Kwara State as a result of political clash among the political apologists of People's Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress (APC). 
However, just recently, hell was let loose in Abuja, as supporters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) engaged in a violent clash that left many injured and several vehicles burnt. It is said that the incident happened when the convoy of the Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mallam Mohammed Musa Bello, ran into a PDP campaign event at Dei Dei market, on the way to the palace of the Sarkin Jiwa in Jiwa District. 
So unfortunate, these are among the numerous cases of violence that have been recorded in Nigeria since the process leading to the nation’s general elections. 
Furthermore, the National Security Adviser (NSA), retired Maj.-Gen. Mohammed Monguno, during his meeting with members of the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) made a very shocking revelation on how some politicians are scheming to arm political thugs during the general elections. He said that intelligence reports had indicated plans by some individuals and groups to instigate violence during and after the upcoming elections. 
As the nation gets closer to the general elections, therefore, one will just hope that political gladiators will learn from the saying that when brothers fight to death, a stranger inherits their father’s estate.
Youths should apply senses, so as not to allow their blood to be used to settle political scores. The ‘old brigade gladiators’ that you are supporting and want to kill yourselves for have been leading this country in their early 20s and 30s respectively. Play politics with both civility and humanity. 
While we await a credible and violence free polls before, during and after elections, there should be self-censorship in the spread of fake news and hate speech, as many times, political intolerance is characterised by hate speech and non-issue based driven campaign. 
Just as incidences cited above do cause violence, the deliberate spread of fake results from the election without cross-checking do cause more. It is expected that more of such falsehood will still be dished out during the elections, therefore causing unnecessary panic among citizens.
Therefore, a peaceful general election must be preceded by political education of electorates and party supporters alike. Our security personnel should do everything possible to forestall any bloodletting before, during and after election, as my hashtag is "Let's vote and no fight."

Alabidun wrote from Wuye, Abuja and can be reached via

INEC Releases Seven-Step Voting Procedure For 2019 General Elections.

The following are the 7 steps, stated by INEC:
INEC voting procedure

Step 1 :

Upon arrival at the Polling unit, joins the queue and present yourself to the INEC official ( APO111 ) at the polling unit who will determine whether you are at the correct polling unit and check if the photograph on the Permanent Voter Card ( PVC ) matches your face . If satisfied, he/ she will direct you to the next INEC official ( APO1 ).

Step 2 :

The official ( APO1 ) will request for your PVC to confirm that your card is genuine and your details , using the smart card reader. He/ she will ask you to place your finger on the card reader to confirm that the PVC belongs to you by ascertaining, the card reader will contains the name , photograph and finger prints of all those registered in their polling unit.

Step 3 :

You will then meet the next official ( APO11 ) who will request for your PVC to confirm that your name and details are in the voters register .

 Your name will be ticked and your PVC returned to you . He/ she will then apply indelible ink to the cuticle of your appropriate finger for that election to show you have been accredited to vote. ( If your name is not found on the register , you will not be allowed to vote).

Step 4 :

The presiding officer ( PO ) stamps , signs and endorses the date at the back of the Ballot Paper . The PO will roll the ballot paper inwardly with the printed side inwards and give to you . He / she will then direct you to the voting cubicle where you vote in secret.

Step 5 :

You will stain your appropriate finger for the election with the ink provided then use your stained finger to mark the space or box provided on the ballot paper for your preferred candidate / party . Roll the marked ballot paper ( in the manner the PO gave to you ).

Step 6 :

Then leave the voting cubicle and drop the ballot paper in the ballot box in full view of people at the polling unit.

Step 7 :

You will then leave the polling unit or wait if you so choose in an orderly and peaceful manner to work the process up to declaration of result.

N.B . The result of each polling unit shall be pasted at the unit and for everyone to see.



 The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was established by the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to among other things organize elections into various political offices in the country. You can visit their official website via >>><<<


Below are the available positions you can apply for as an election staff:
i) Supervisory Presiding Officer (SPO)
ii) Registration Area Center (RAC) Manager
iii) Presiding Officer (PO)
iv) Assistant Presiding Officer (APO)
v) Registration Area Technical Support (RATECH)


Outlined below are the various positions available and their requirements, Please make sure you read the instructions below before you begin your registration.

Requirement: Must be a Public / Civil servant on Grade level 10 – 14OR A Registration Area Officer (INEC Staff) .

Requirement: Must be a staff (GL 07 and above) of the school / Institution / Public building hosting the RAC.

  • Must be a Serving Corps member
  • OR
  • A penultimate student of a Federal/State tertiary institution in Nigeria
  • OR
  • A staff of an MDA with an OND qualification
  • OR
  • A former corps member (Not later than 2017 batch)

  • Must be a suitable INEC staff (not engaged in any other duties)
  • OR
  • A serving corps member where available
  • OR
  • A student of Information Technology institutions
  • OR
  • A penultimate student of a Federal Tertiary Institution.

What should I have before registering?

Before you register on this platform, ensure you have the following ready;
  • A functional email address.
  • A functioning mobile phone number.
  • A personal account number.
  • A recent and clear plain background passport photograph not larger than 50KB.
  • Contact details of referee such as email address and phone number.
  • A valid means of identification (Staff ID No./ Student ID No).
  • An NYSC Callup Number for former corps members from 2017.
If you have not created an account or registered on this platform, then follow the steps below;

Review the requirements for the available positions.
You are expected to go through the requirements for all available Election staff positions to determine your eligibility 

Click on Register and follow the instructions.

Check your email for an account verification link and password
Note: if mail is not found on your INBOX folder, kindly check SPAM or send a mail to

Click the account verification link sent to your email to activate your account.

Change your Password
After changing your password, you are automatically logged into the portal and presented with an application form

Fill the Application form.
This form is segmented into three (3) section; Personal Information, Contact Information and Bank Details. Ensure you fill in your details correctly. You will not be allowed to edit details once they are submitted.

Upload your passport photograph.
You are required to upload a recent plain background passport photograph. Please make sure the size is not larger than 50KB

Fill in the details of your referees

Check the Attestation box
Every information provided, will be subjected to validation from your source institutions/organization/referees

Submit the application

Print your acknowledgement slip.
Print your acknowledgement slip.You will need this for the final verification.
All submissions are FINAL. Please be sure to review your information thoroughly before you submit.

NOTE: Deployment would be done based on your selected state of residence.

If you wish to begin your registration now 

Apply Offline

Having difficulty filling the form online? CLICK HERE to download an offline form.

How To Apply

CLICK HERE to find out how you can apply.

New Applicants

To register for the ongoing Election recruitment, CLICK HERE to get started.

Have a Question?

If you are facing any challenge or have a question then CLICK HERE to contact INEC

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Government reaches an agreement with lecturers but ASUU strike continues 

 Source: PaulseNG

ASUU and Govt

As Lecturers have reached an agreement with the Federal Government ASUU strike may soon be called off.

The Federal Government has reportedly reached an agreement with the leaders of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in a meeting between both parties in Abuja on Monday, January 7, 2019.

Speaking to journalists after the meeting, ASUU National President, Prof Biodun Ogunyemi said union's National Executive Committee (NEC)will review its decision based on the Federal Government commitment.

In the middle: ASUU President, Dr. Biodun Ogunyemi at the Union's meeting on Saturday, August 12, 2017.

According to Premium Times, Ogunyemi said the strike could only be called off after the NEC meeting. He however, did not state when the meeting will hold.

“We have had an extensive session, looking at all the issues.

”In view of this, the government has promised to reach us as soon as possible with a written proposal on those areas we need further consultations. And when we receive that, we shall treat accordingly and get back to the appropriate quarters,” Ogunyemi said.

Also speaking after the meeting, the Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr Chris Ngigesaid the government has reached an agreement with the striking lecturers. 

Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige

He added that the accountant general and the ministry of finance have confirmed with evidence that N15.4 billion had been released to public universities. 

According to Premium Times, Ngige also said President Buhari has approved N20 billion to offset the outstanding arrears of the 2009 to 2012 verified earnings in the universities, adding that earned allowances will be released to ASUU as soon as the process is completed.

The labour Minister also said the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan had an agreement to fund Nigerian Universities with N220 billion annually for six years starting from 2009.

He, however, said that the government would look for resources to meet the commitment adding that ASUU had been offered some token to show good faith.

Public Universities have been shut down since Sunday, November 4, 2018 as ASUU insists strike won't be suspended if government fails to meet its demands.

I am depressed - Nigerian Naval officer come comedian cries for help!

A Nigerian Instagram comedian popularly know as Ankara Gucci who joined the Nigerian Navy in 2018 has cried out saying he's depressed. According to him, I'm in serious pain. And I am in a great fear because I am not able to focus on my comedy career like before. I am typing this with tears and a lot of depression.

Hello everybody. I need to talk to all of you. No much introduction. You all that are following me knows me already! What I love doing is comedy and to always make you laugh. You all know that. I never want to type this but I can’t just hold it anymore.

I'm in serious pain. And I am in a great fear because I am not able to focus on my comedy career like before. I am typing this with tears and a lot of depression. If not everybody. I know that some of you knows that I am a NIGERIA NAVY PERSONAL. but before I joined this job, I did not think so deep and I was carried away because of some lies I was told.

Let me keep that for now! I thought as I joined the job I would get more peace but not knowing that I actually sold my peace away. I thought I would be able to do my comedy and acting together with the navy job but it’s not just easy to cope with both. I joined this NAVY on the 7th of March 2018 if you remember very well and I come back to you guys on the 8th of September after I finished my 6month malicious training.

Those that knew me as a celebrity on the training ground those days called me a fool and told me I did not plan well before joining. I was just so depressed those days. And I moved on with faith. Because I just wanted to finished the training and know what next if I would be able to cope with my acting career and the navy. To say the fact . This job has given me a lot of respect but all the same. You guys don’t know wat I am feeling.

Let me tell you the truth. Not that I have the time. Some times I would just sneak out of my office and change up to do videos for you my fans just to remain consistent and never to make you forget Your ANKARAGUCCI. So these days, a captain in the Navy threatens me a lot and told me to pick one. Am I choosing navy or entertainment? That if I am to do the navy Job I must leave acting or else ........... or else what please? for what ? For crying out loud.

I can’t leave this comedy alone. It’s what I have passion for. I have a lot of advert skit now that I never shoot and I lost my Samsung s7 edge last week. I also lost my 31 skits on it .just need to get a solution ASAP. I am not an happy man


I am indeed profusely grateful to Allah who has kept me alive till this time and particularly to be amongst those who witness Lafiagi Descendants' Development Union (LADDU), 2018 National Convention. I was gladdened to be amidst  the crème de la crème from Lafiagi and it's environs who graced the august occasion that took place on December 30, 2018 at Kwara State College of Education Technical Lafiagi (COETL) New Auditorium.

I am so delighted to be part of the team (National EXCOS) that will elevate LADDU (#1 sociocultural group in Lafiagi, Edu LGA, Kwara State) forward for the next 2 years as Public Relations Officer II (P.R.O2). I view it as another opportunity to serve humanity, hence, make positive impacts to the development of my fatherland and my motherland.

Despite being happy that I am the new Assistant National Publicity Secretary of the exalted Union, I am saddened by  what transpired at the event. Excluding the presence of little children who graced the occasion with their parents, I was not only the youngest member of the Executive Council, but also the youngest member of the Congress. How bad can it be? Where are our youths? Are youths relegated to the social media alone to be cyber warriors?
The youths need to learn two basic lessons from my inclusion as an Exco in the union. In the first place, THE ELDERS DON'T STOP ANY YOUTH FROM BEING PART OF DECISION MAKING PROCESS and  the YOUTHS NEED NOT TO FIGHT THE ELDERS BECAUSE WE WANT TO BRING IN INNOVATIVE IDEAS.

It is indeed crystal that if the elders do not want to welcome the youths to their midst, Usman Haruna won't be a LADDU Excos at 25 Years Old. It pertinent to reiterate that I was not forced , coerced or sponsored by anyone to contest for the post in the convention.  What i did was to contact the EL-COMM for procurement of nomination form, I returned the filled form and subsequently contested without any ulterior motives. My brothers, in any occasion where the elders deny you inclusion, challenge the status quo, not by fighting them, but, by following due processes.

I believe the elders sent us to school to  learn so that we can bring innovations not for us to come and fight them when they err. Thus, 'What dialogue cannot solve, violence cannot solve it'. Let us learn to respect the elders at all times, let us learn to approach them and even learn to get what belong to us. I want you to know that the Man you are fighting or attacking is someone's Father, Uncle and even Grandfather, the same way as your own father or Uncles and the same way you will also become a father of the society someday. What you do to them, May be done for yours or even to you when it's your time.

Let us learn to embrace peace at all times, let us exhibit standard behaviors that are not only commendable and recommendable, but also worthy of emulation. Let us be good ambassadors to  our families, our societies and the generality of humanity.

Usman Haruna,
LADDU  P.R.O 2 (National Headquarters)