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Friday, 17 November 2017

How To Make Money From Your Android Phone

I don't blame anybody calling it a scam though, perhaps such person is/was a victim of scammer. But 'Man remains a slave to the knowledge he has not'.

TopUp Africa is an Android app that... "It allows end users to conveniently pay for the services used on a daily basis in a multitude of locations through several channels and it gives agents an accessible profit-making tool always within their reach." It can be used to pay Electricity Bill, Buy Airtime, subscriptions (GoTV, DSTV, StarTime), Transfer funds to others and other online transactions.

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The idea behind given people free money by TopUp Africa App is to encourage people to embrace Cashless Transactions. Thus, the need to encourage people to refer others to download the App, when you refer someone to download, you earn.

EARNING AIRTIME with TopUp Africa App made easy. 

1. You can withdraw it as AIRTIME OR 
2. Withdraw to your bank account (Range from #100-#5000)

Earn #100 to #5000 free airtime credit today on all networks* . 
1.  Tap this link and install the APP>>>
2.  Open the APP and enter your number
3.  Click share to share with friends (You earn whenever anyone download via your referrer link)
4.  Check your balance and withdraw when satisfied.. 

NOTE BEFORE: you can customize your invitation in a captivating way in order to get your friends download the app.

It is as easy as that, you can drop a comment in the comment box and get a response as soon as possible....Happy Earning!!!

Tap on this link and install TopUp Africa App



  1. this is so enlightening

  2. It was a decent post to be sure. I completely delighted in understanding it in my lunch time. Will definitely come and visit this blog all the more frequently. Much obliged for sharing. Landing page


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