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Friday, 8 September 2017


Every society is devided into two classes, the rich and the poor, the "We" and the "Them". One class is for the permanent Slaves, and the other for the Permanent Masters.

Our Class is Filled with unconscious, brainwashed, clueless and mathematically retarded people. Theirs is of Calculative, sensible and Class minded People.
All elites love themselves, they are connected everywhere, they dine and wine, Marry one another, open ways for one another and never hate themselves, but the poor are so dumb that we even kill one another for the rich, esprcially the politicians
The Rich and the powerful are the same anywhere, It has been like this right from The begining of creation, You cannot change everyone but you can change yourself and the happening in your time.
We see them as humans, they see us as Animals, we See them as fellow, they see us as Mordern Slaves, We think they are clever, intelligent, wise and Full of wisdom, they always think we are foolish, Naive, Stupid and devided.
"Abinda Shuwagabanni, Sarakuna, Masu Kudi Suka Tsana Sosai shine Talaka Da Yayansa. Kwan mu da KwarKwartan Mu"-Sir. Zaid 2017.
The Elite Class hates the Poor and their Filthy Generation. The poor irritate the rich, the powerful and the Chocolate class. They fill irritated whenever they are with a poor Man.
This Classes can never be bridged, but the class of "We" must adjust and wake up from our Slumbers. If we are fools then we must learn to be wise, if we slaves then we must learn to be Masters of our own faith, not to continue to dig more graves for our Misfortune.
We must respect our Poverty level, conceal our poor nature, live by the little we have with honor and pride, never allow any so called "The Elite" Make you feel inferior. They eat, sleep, Defecate and Fart just like any other poor Kid.
Never beg them to have mercy on you, never lie to them, never be afraid to tell them truth no matter how bitter it is, always protect your poor dignity, that's what make you human.
Never say "if you can't change them, then join them". Be a concret and a Stone Pillar. Value yourself and you shall have permanent value. Never act like Kolanut, act Like a Groundnut with oil and pride.
I challenge all of us to make a difference. Happy Sallah, and never allow next year's sallah to meet you as a low esteam poor Man, Teach Yourself the " THE FOOLISH AND THE WISE MEN THEORY"
Zaid Ayuba Alhaji. Proudly poor child born by poor parents.

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