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NOUN : Your Project Writing and You

NOUN : Your Project Writing and You

By Daniel Adeoluwa Mustapha

There are many reasons a student might not find his or her name in the graduation list even after 'graduating'. Dominant in these reasons is the late submission of one's project.

One prime focus for a 400l student is embarking on Research Project which carries 6 credits units.
Speaking from experience, it's best one presents or submits his or her project topics at the early stage of his or her 400l first semester so as to complete the process in time. Although project writing is a 400Level second semester course, it's allowed and better done or started in 400Level first semester.

                               Some of the reasons why you need to do so are:

1)  NOUN has much population and so takes time to approve topics as well as assign supervisors in batches
2) Embarking on the research work might demand more time for its completion
3) Some supervisors can be too demanding and busy, thus slowing down the speed of your Research work
4) It's better to complete your Research project in your first semester so as to face your course works in your second semester.
5) Submitting your project in time facilitates your name being enlisted early in the graduation list when you are through with with all your exams.
Note, this process varies for different Faculties/Programmes. To avoid any confusion, it's best you inquire from your study centre.
However, if you are under the Faculty of Social Science, below is the format.
Send an email to in the format below
Format :
             Full name:
             Matric number:
             Level: 400
Proposed Research Topics(must be three in number)
Note that for some centers like Benin-Study Center, it's expected you submit the above details in hard copy (typewritten). Sequel to this, after two weeks, the copy you submitted will be signed and you will be assigned to a project supervisor.
You will be given the supervisor's number. Call him or her, introduce yourself and enquire from the supervisor when him or her would be available so you two can meet.
Take the signed copy (proposed project topics) to the supervisor. From the three proposed topics you submit, the supervisor would amend, approve one or give you an entirely new project topic then sign on it.
Photocopy the approved copy and submit back to school the original approved and signed copy of the project. Once you have done this, you can begin your project.
PS : The following article is exclusively for National Open University students (NOUN).
Daniel Adeoluwa Mustapha is a
Student-prenuer from the National Open University of Nigeria,
Social Analyst,
Sport Analyst, and
Content Writer.

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  1. Can I submit the project topics through my email?


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