Monday, 21 August 2017



It has become imperative for all Nigerians who really want the country to be great  to stand beyond all odds and kick the cancerous corruption out of the country before it is too late.

Our problem is not our system of government but the corruption in the system that have become norms.

"Criminasation of politics" is the participation of anybody involved in criminal doings, minor or major in the political functioning of the country, While "The politicization of criminals" is giving protection and worshiping criminals all in the name of  dirty political game.

As it is today, 99.9% of our political office holders and politicians have one way or the other involved themselves in criminal act. Most of them deserve no respect , approbation and dignity,but "politicization of criminals" in the country makes thieves look like Saints.

Our Constitution disqualifies a convicted person from contesting elections. But those under trial continued to be eligible to contest in my country. This is nothing but "Criminalization of politics". Omisore's case as one of the typical example.

It is also there in the Constitution for candidates to mention their criminal  records if at all there is any while filling nomination form, but here in Nigeria, we are so much use to "politicization of corruption" to the level that almost all vying for political Positions "known or unknown thieves" alway hide under one finger of being Saints and we believe them despite knowing the truth, that's why we have lot of criminals in the executive and legislative arms of goverment.

It is also there in the Constitution that all public office holders must declare their asset, but what we have here are thieves lying about their assets and liabilities , fogging documents and perpetrating all sort of crimes . This is nothing but "Politicization of criminals".

It is here in Nigeria that public office holders fill-in their prospective assets in the asset declaration forms,refuse to declare their cash and lying about their investments. In a more saner environment than ours, all sort act of criminalities attract a grave punishment.

The act of partisan interference in the investigation of crimes and poor persecution of cases is nothing but "Criminalization of politics". The war against corruption in the country seems to be joke, yes joke. I can't believe seeing known criminals with axiomatic evidences against them winning corruption cases, all because they belongs to the ruling party as the party might decide to settle the case in-house. This is one of the blemish of this administration that needs to be corrected.

The rate at which federal government is losing cases this days is alarming, I don't know whether to support those that says "the war against corruption of this administration is loopsided" but nevertheless, we need to support the government in kicking corruption out of the country.

The concern for corrupt and criminal-free politics needs more emphasis by the Election Commission and Judiciary, in order to free our politics from criminals. We as citizens also needs to desist from playing sycophantic politics where We hail and applaud thieves all for selfish and senseless interest.

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