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Sunday, 13 August 2017


                                                   BUKOLA SARAKI AND THE ENEMIES WITHIN HIS CAMP

Let me clear this from inception that I am neither a fan of Bukola Saraki nor do I belong to any political camp but a kwaran that always want the best for my state and the people.

With utmost sincerity, Bukola Saraki had surpassed the achievements of his father as a politician and political leader. He was two terms governor of Kwara state, he was the chairman governor's forum and at present the Senate president of the federal Republic of Nigeria. I can say without any sentiment that as a politician, he is an achiever.

There is one particular area that Bukola Saraki seems to be lagging behind, the important area I believe his father was able to manage well when he was alive, the area that do normally determine the rise and fall of all leaders, the area of managing and administering ones followers and loyalist.

PA Olusola Saraki of blessed memory was one of the leaders that knew what his followers wanted and how to satisfy and manipulate their curiosity, agitations and aspirations but Bukola Saraki is failing to realize that there is limitation to how loyal most of his disciples and followers are, especially when it has to do with their own selfish interests and ego.

Most of the so called die-hard-Fans and disciples of Bukola Saraki today are loyal to him not because they really love and adore his leadership style but because one way or the other they are benefitting from him. They are using the already established political dynasty of Saraki to forward their own ambitions and aspirations and in some cases using his name to perpetrate some evils. Believe me, if their interest is no more represented, they will kick against him and the dynasty, no doubt.

I am one of the People that never believe a family can be the problem of more than two million people, only that some people have allowed themselves to be decieved by the fallacious claim.

We have professors, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Engineers and Veteran politicians who knows the nitty-gritty of Nigeria politics  etc,So why are we overestimating the power of Saraki?.

To my very best knowledge, 90% of Saraki's enemies and opugnants are inside his camp. They are among the  people he do normally appoint into positions, among them are some of his beneficiaries, political allies and above all confidants.

Saraki should be wary of the desperate politicians inside his camp than those in the opposition parties he considered as enemies, most of those people have nothing keeping them in the camp than constant political appointments and favor, the game will change immediately they are no more consider for any thing.

It's time Saraki shift is focus and energy towards developing Kwara and Kwarans, attend to the needs and agitation of the People within his capability and keep it at the back of his mind that nothing last forever.

2019 is almost here, let each and every politicians start developing the state. Invest in education, manufacturing companies, agriculture and people. Developing kwara is a task we must all work together to achieve.

May God guide our leaders right and help us the truth to know.

By: Yahaya Habib

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