Monday, 28 August 2017

A Thought On Femi Fani Kayode, Femi Adesina And Future By: Ali Faagba

Simple choices which will shape our future are already in play around us. Actions and inactions of Africans continue to paint the continent a black colour.

Africa is black, not just in complexion of its inhabitants but in the real sense of everyday living. Our first abysmal collapse occurred the day we gave our own brothers to some Europeans as gifts. The result could easily be guessed since that very day.

The fine white men were mesmerized by the “item of that gift” and so came back for more EXPENDABLE Africans, but this time around, not in the same cordial manner.  They first came raiding “hapless slaves” with the cooperation of African chiefs and later came with spares and bayonets. Neither we nor they will ever forget the horror of middle-passage.

Then came the era of colonization. Again our youths served in their military rank-and-file. They helped them cross rivers, climb mountains and defy harsh weathers as they navigated our land. Nigeria followed the fate of other African countries and was conquered. And since that day our educationists and writers have embarked on the never-ending assignment of “dis-colonization of brains”. But it seems the impairment done to our brain cannot be undone.

 At any brief sight of money or/and power, men hitherto trusted to be men of substance become wild dogs that hears no control.

As said by one European friend of mine “powerful people in the world have made it look like money is everything, however put up measures to ensure that only few can achieve it”.  This seems to explain the problems we are having with the likes of Femi Adesina and Femi Fani Kayode.

 The duo obviously belong o separate categories but work for the same goal. Fani Kayode would truncate the success of Nigerians at all cost just to see his party rise again, while Adesina will tell all possible lies in defence of his master. From here, our disappointment mounts as we realise that even the elderly men in the house of the current administration are equally confused. And one is left to ask: with the likes of these men in the highest seat of the nation, what kind of example are we laying down for the coming generations?

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